Tour Pelješac

The road to the peninsula takes about an hour. Our first stop is Mali Ston where you will taste one of the best oysters in the Europe. Arrival in the ancient city of Ston, famous for second longest walls in the Europe and the brine originating from the Roman era. After visiting Ston, we will stop in three wineries where we will taste typical Croatian wine grapes.
During wine tasting, the wine growers will tell you interesting stories about the production of wine (from vine to a glass). Unspoiled nature with a sea breeze and beautiful scents of various herbs will leave you breathless.
On our way back we will pass through the most spectacular vineyards in the Europe called Dingač. This wine tour finishes in a family tavern by the sea with a pleasant home atmosphere and of course, high-quality wine.

09:00Departure from Dubrovnik
10:00Arrival to Pelješac
10:10Visit to Mali Ston (a short break with oyster tasting included in the price)
10:30The old city of Ston (short guided tour)
11:30Visit to three wineries: Rozić, Vukas and Boris Matuško (guided tour through every vineyard with wine tasting included in the price)
14:00Visiting the protected location Dingač
14:30Departure from Pelješac
15:00Arrival to Zaton, lunch break in the lovely family restaurant (note: lunch includes a three course - menu (fish or meat) and a glass of wine of your choice; included in the price)
16:30Arrival to Dubrovnik

Dingač is a wine growing region on the southwest of the Pelješac peninsula. Located in the Dalmatian costal region of Croatia, it faces the slope of the Zabrada Mountains between the small villages of Trstenik and Podobuče. It is highly regarded area for growing the autochthonous Croatian red wine grape, Plavac Mali.

Like the neighbouring Postup region, the land is very rugged, with little top soil. This attribute, in addition to the level of sunlight (2800 hours annually), makes ideal growing conditions for red wine slopes planted up to 300 m from the sea level. In addition, one should not forget Maraština and other world-famous varieties growing in this region, such as: Vranac, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, ...

Tour Konavle

This wine tour will put emphasis to the Malvasia, an indigenous wine of the Dubrovnik Republic. Konavle tour includes a visit to three wineries with wine tasting of Malvasia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Maraština and Muškat. This tour is not based only on the wine and wineries; Konavle also has a great culture heritage. After our visit to Crvik winery, we will visit the old mill on the spring of the river Ljuta. The family flour mill is restored in its original form. Women will tell you about the traditional way of milling flour. A girl in a folk costume will serve you a welcome drink, arancini (traditional sweets), almonds, dried figs and homemade liqueurs. Her dress is made of wool, produced near the spring of the river Ljuta where an ancient tool for traditional wool processing is located.
In the picturesque village Dunave you will get the opportunity to enter the fort Sokol, recently restored. The fortress was first mentioned in 1391. and was a property of the Bosnian nobles who shortly ruled the Republic of Dubrovnik in 1420.
After visit to the tower Sokol, we will drive through the vineyards and pause in the winery Bratoš, home of one the oldest wine producers. The local vine producer will prepare his best wines which you can taste while strolling through his magnificent vineyard. After visiting Molunat our tour finishes with a lunch in the restaurant with the sea-view.

09:00Departure from Dubrovnik
09:30Arrival to the winery Crvik (wine tasting included in the price)
10:20Arrival to the old mill (welcome drink and traditional home-made sweets included in the price). The owner will keep you company while sightseeing the mill and the spring of the river Ljuta.
11:20Departure towards the tower Sokol
11:30Arrival to the tower Sokol. Guided sightseeing included in the price.
12:30Departure towards the winery Bratoš
12:45Arrival to the winery Bratoš (wine tasting, home-made cheese and olives included in the price)
13:20Departure towards Molunat
13:50Arrival to the winery Metković. Guided sightseeing and wine tasting (included in the price)
14:30Lunch break in the restaurant with the sea-view (fish/meat menu and a glass of wine of your choilce – included in the price)
15:30Departure to Dubrovnik
16:20Arrival to Dubrovnik

Malvasia is the famous wine from the Dubrovnik Republic.

The main goal of this wine tour is to tell a story of one wine which had an important role in the Dubrovnik lifestyle. In the 13th century, the Rector of the Republic of Dubrovnik gave indigenous Malvasia wine as a gift to the important individuals.

Every hedonist would agree that the glass of Malvasia wine satisfies every palate.